What is microneedling


Simply put, microneedling is the insertion of very fine short needles into the skin for rejuvenation.

The most popular (and cost-effective) microneedling device, known as a dermaroller, comprises micro-fine needles that are 0.3 millimeters.

But, if the prospect of multiple needle wounds sounds slightly ominous to you, know that the punctures are more like pin-pricks that enter only surface-level deep. It can help you with:

  • Acne and scars
  • Dark spots or patches on your skin
  • Reduced skin elasticity
  • Fine lines and wrinkles

Keep your skin healthy and in good condition

You’re shedding skin cells throughout the day, so it’s important to keep your skin glowing and in good condition. An effective routine can help prevent acne, treat wrinkles, and help keep your skin looking its best.

You will look more youthful

As you age, your skin’s cells turn over more slowly, make it look duller and less radiant. Using a quality skincare device can help remove dead skin cells so your body will replace them with newer, more youthful cells.



It's a no brainer

Okay, we get it. There is some prestige when going to the beauty salons for this kind of treatment.

You see all of the people there, it's beautiful, modern and fun.

With Marlo, however is better, here is why:

You will be saving a lot of money

The standard procedure at the derma clinic will costs you between 100$ and 700$ per treatment.

Easy and fast usage at home

The average appointment with the doctor could be long more than 2 hours including the preparation.

Quick recovery

Since Marlo is way more gentle on the skin, the recovery process is extremely fast, only using your favourite moisturizer after the treatment.

Skincare on demand

You can carry your device wherever you travel.